Bendable Rods

What are Bendable Rods made of?

What are Bendable Rods made of?

What are Bendable Rods made of?

What are Bendable Rods made of?

Our bendable rods are a highly bendable, multipurpose curtain track system that can be quickly customized to fit any wall shape or ceiling curvature. You can install these rods on the ceiling, wall and even acoustical ceilings (drop ceiling gird panel systems).

Bendable rod splicedOur bendable rods are designed for strength and durability. The rods have an I-beam configuration with an embedded metal spine for sturdiness. The metal interior is manufactured in a long sheet or also known as a metal plate and runs the entire length of the rod. This embedded metal allows the rod to bend from side to side while still being stable. The rod is coated with the highest-quality resin which is water resistant. They can bend 90 degrees or more without a splice so the sliders can move freely without interruption. The diameter of a standard duty circular rod can be as small as 12″.  The life expectancy of our bendable rods is 20 years!


Flexible Curtain Rod ABDASince the rod is water resistant, it’s able to be used in indoor or outdoor applications. The uses of our bendable rods are numerous. They are an excellent solution for both residential and commercial projects. Our rods are a great solution for drapery and curtain use in homes, hotels, restaurants, boats, photo studios, high-rise curved walls, cubical dividers, bay windows, bow windows, RV’s, curved shower rods, tapestries and much more.



Bendable Rod SizesOur bendable rods are secure and hard-wearing and come in three different sizes.

Standard rods will meet most residential applications such as light sheer or with shorter drapery height and they can hold 5 pounds per roller which is 20 pounds a linear foot (4 rollers per foot).

 Medium rods are stronger and sturdier than standard.  Medium duty rods are preferred for lined draperies, shower curtains, thicker fabric draperies, tall draperies or room divider fabrics and they can hold 11 pounds per roller which is 44 pounds a linear foot (4 rollers per foot).

Heavy duty is suitable for thicker, heavier commercial and industrial use curtains and they can hold 20 pounds per roller which is 80 pounds a linear foot (4 rollers per foot). Please contact us for a quote.


Benable Rod Endcap

Our bendable rods are easily customizable in the comfort of your home or on the project site, simply cut with a hacksaw. The cut end is concealed with our endcaps. If you do not have a hacksaw, you can also purchase one at the time of ordering your rod.



bendable rod in coil

Our bendable rods do not require splicing or prefabrication and are easy to install. They are inexpensive to ship since they are stored and shipped in a coil. We carry pre-packaged kits or we can customize your order and have rods up to 164 feet! Please call for more information on larger rod sizes and heavy duty rods.




The rollers are made from a durable plastic and metal and the medium and heavy gauges have ball bearing rollers.  The rollers glide effortlessly on the rod. You can use a baton to open and close your draperies or gently grab your panels.




Ceiling Mount BracketWhite Background new and old brackets 2015 ABDA


We’re always improving our designs to offer our customers the best products and solutions available in the marketplace. We’re proud to announce our newest update to our bendable rod series which are new brackets.  We replaced the old design of plastic ceiling brackets and plastic one inch brackets with metal. This new design gives our rods an extra durability which isn’t found with any other type of  bendable curtain rods or tracks.


New wall mount brackets

We didn’t stop there, we also updated our other wall brackets (1 7/8″, 3″ & 5″) to a sleek and sturdy design. We pride ourselves in not only giving great customer service but also outstanding products to our clients.




Why Choose Our Bendable Rods?

  • Easy Installation: DIY-friendly; just cut with a hacksaw to size.
  • Highly Flexible:  Bends to any angle to fit the layout and shape of a curvature; works for straight lines too.
  • Smooth Gliding:  Carries substantial load-bearing capacity.
  • Noiseless:  Ball-bearing rollers minimize running friction.
  • Solid and Durable:  Patented structural design; made with exceptional-quality materials and a superior finish.
  • Easy to Handle and Store:  Transportable or store-able in rolls.

All rods are definitely not created equal, your project deserves a top quality solution. We know that you will be happy with the easy installation and durability of our bendable rods.  Order your bendable rod TODAY!


We have several convenient ways to place an order.

  1. Go to our store. We sell Standard Bendable Rod Kits, Medium Bendable Rod Kits, Wall Mount Brackets, T-Bar Clamp Brackets and Accessories. (All of the available products are NOT on Houzz so contact us for a digital pricing brochure.)
  2. Go to our new online store at
  3. Call us at 317-273-8343 (Ext 103)
  4. Email us at

*For custom cut products or help with your project, contact us via email or phone for a quote.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions!








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