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We are proud to announce that we have an Ecommerce store with custom window fashions, bedding and pillows. Our bendable rods are sold in a kit or by the foot. We also have been making gorgeous custom draperies and shower curtains for Designers and Homeowners in the US for over a decade. Each panels are Made-to-Order in our US workroom just for you. Order in your choice of Length, Width, Lining and Pleat Style.

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We have several convenient ways to buy a bendable rod & accessories.

  1. Go to our new online store at OR click the button above.
  2. Call us at (317) 273-8343 (Ext 103)
  3. Email us at

Shipping  is UPS ground shipping, however, we do offer expedited shipping.  Since the bendable rod comes in a roll, it is relatively easy and inexpensive to ship in comparison with other track products. The pre-packaged kit is shipped in a box size of 20″ x 20″ x 4″ or 20″ x 20″ x 2″ (depending upon quantity).

We ship world wide, however, if you are located outside of the USA, please contact us for a shipping quote. Once payment is made, we ship out within 3 business days. Depending on where you are situated, it’ll take about 3 days to reach mid-west such as Chicago and 5 days to east coast such as N.Y. or Florida. Our record in past 5 years indicated that 99% of the orders were shipped out on the same day when order was confirmed.

(We can also take special orders of rods up to 164 feet and heavy duty rods which is commercial grade.)


Necessary componentsCLICK HERE to buy bendable rod kits NOW.

Each kit comes with everything that you need for a ceiling mounted project. Each kit comes with a bendable rod, ceiling mount brackets, screws/anchors, magnetic catches, rollers and endcaps. Choose from medium or standard duty.

Standard rods will meet most residential applications such as a light, short sheer or a short, unlined drapery.  The rod can hold 5 pounds per roller which is 20 pounds a linear foot (4 rollers per foot).

 Medium rods are stronger and sturdier than standard.  Medium duty rods are preferred for lined draperies, shower curtains, full length sheers, thicker fabric draperies, tall draperies or room divider fabrics and they can hold 11 pounds per roller which is 44 pounds a linear foot (4 rollers per foot).

2015 Wall Mount Brackets for Bendable Rods


Our bendable rods can be installed on either ceilings or walls. We offer different hardware for each. Our bendable rod kits come with everything that you need for a ceiling mounted application, however, we also offer wall mount brackets in several sizes (1″, 1-7/8″,3″ and 5″). The 1-7/8″, 3″ and 5″ wall mount brackets are to be used with the ceiling mount brackets.

CLICK HERE to buy bendable rod wall brackets.




Bendable Rod Hooks

There are several ways that you can attach the fabric to the bendable rod.

CLICK HERE to buy bendable rod accessories.

Method 1: Use our drapery pin with a pleated curtain. One end of the pin goes into the ring of the roller, the other end of the “S” is to pin through the pleat. Position this pin about 1-3/4″ below the curtain top so that curtain barely touches the ceiling, the rod is therefore covered by the curtain. You can also position the pin higher to allow the rod to be exposed. *Also checkout our valance kit to completely hide the rod.

Method 2: Use hem and trim tape to create the facing then use the above mentioned drapery hook. This will give you a seamless drapery.

Method 3: Use our clamp hook. The clamp portion will hold onto the drapery and the hook goes into the ring of the roller.

Method 4: Use our pleat hook. The pleat hook goes on the back of draperies that are not pleated. Pinch the fabric into the metal prongs to create a pinch pleat drapery look.  The hook goes into the ring of the roller.

Method 5: Use our pear hook. The pear hook is perfect for shower curtains.  The hook opens up to go into the circle bracket of the shower curtain and also connects to the ring of the roller.

Method 6: Use our lengthening hook. Use back side of curtain fabric to wrap around the paper thin portion of the flexible hook, then either stable or sew the piece in position about 1/2″ to 1″ below top of curtain. The hook will allow your curtain height be adjusted to 1-1/2″.


Buy Bendable Rods