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New Brackets for 2015!

New Brackets for 2015!

New Brackets for 2015!

New Brackets for 2015!


NEW Construction Design, we changed our one inch brackets  and ceiling mount brackets from plastic to metal.

New bracket


The one inch wall bracket is an add-on feature for the Pre-Packaged Kits. This bracket allows you to mount the bendable rod on the wall. There are different wall bracket projections available (1 7/8″,3″, 5″).

Mount your bendable rod with our wall mount bracket. With this bracket you will not need to use the ceiling bracket with it. This bracket projects out 1″. We recommend 1 cartridge for every 12″ interval for curved application; 9″ interval for straight run. Be sure to include 1 additional cartridge to your total count. If your wall is sharply curved, add additional mounting hardware at every turning point.

The track and its components are made of resin, which is very durable. The metal plate embedded within the track is made of steel. Life expectancy is 20 years and it’s durable for outdoor applications and water resistant for humid spaces (showers).


Ceiling Mount BracketWhite Background new and old brackets 2015 ABDA


We updated our ceiling mount brackets for standard, medium and heavy duty bendable rods!  They are now made from metal instead of plastic.

Bendable Rod Kit Wall Mount Brackets Old style


We also updated our wall mount brackets.  Our new ones (shown below) have a sleek design and better construction. They fit flush to the wall and are not as noticeable as the old design. The response has been overwhelming and our customers LOVE the changes!  We strive to provide great customer service and top notch products!


We’re a family owned company that has been in business since 1998. We have a showroom in Indianapolis and also provide top quality products to customers throughout the world. Our great testimonials and referrals have helped our company grow without the need for “conventional” advertising. Abda means “servant”. At Abda, customer service we approach every customer with a servant’s attitude. This philosophy has helped our customers feel confident in their purchases and well-taken care of. Our number one focus is customer service and we believe in putting the customer’s needs first. We want each and every client to be completely happy with their purchase. We strive to not only provide great quality products but also provide exceptional service. Let us help you with your next project!

Don’t take our word for it, check out our reviews. 

New wall mount brackets

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