Bendable Rods

Arch Ceiling Installation

Arch Ceiling InstallationStep 1t

Drill2 and tools


Tools needed: Phillips screwdriver, pliers, tape measure and hacksaw. If using the anchors that come with the kit, a 3/16″ drill bit will also be needed to make a pilot hole.

Anchors are recommended when installing into drywall for ceilings and walls. The anchors included in the kit are for drywall and prevent the screws from sliding out of the wall or ceiling.  Most homes have drywall, it’s made from a plaster sheet that has been sandwiched between paper and became popular in the USA in the 1950’s.

A pilot hole is a small hole drilled before driving a screw or anchor into the wall or ceiling. The hole helps by making installation easier; plus it ensures that the anchor and screw will be installed straight, because it will follow the path of the pilot hole.

Bendable Rod Materials Needed:

1.) Medium Duty Bendable Rod Kit. Choose from a 9.8 feet, 13.1 feet or 16.4 feet. We do not recommend standard duty kits for arch applications.

2.) 1″ Wall Brackets (The brackets are not in the kit, you must order separately.)

*Additional materials will be needed if installing in concrete.

bendable rod ceiling mounted arch Abda


Step 2


Medium Duty Prepacked kitOpen the kit and lay out the pieces. They are labeled for your convenience. We only recommend Medium Duty Kits for arch applications. You will also have to order 1″ Wall Brackets, they are not included in the kit.

We’re pleased to announce our NEW Bracket Construction for 2015! The plastic one inch wall mount brackets are replaced with metal.  We also updated our wall mount brackets.  Our new ones have a sleek design and better construction. They fit flush to the wall and are not as noticeable as the old design. The response has been overwhelming and our customers LOVE the changes!  We strive to provide great customer service and top notch products!



Bending rod for straight run


Please keep in mind that the bendable rod is shipped coiled. Use caution when uncoiling the rod. Handle with care so the rod doesn’t snap uncontrollably. Gently bend the rod over a chair, pillow or with your hands like the picture on the left. When the rod is bent in the opposite direction than it was coiled then the rod will straighten out.  If a certain curvature is needed then bending the rod in the same direction as it was originally coiled is recommended.



Step 3

bendable rod ceiling mounted arch up close2Draw a line along the ceiling where the drapery or sheer is being installed. In the situation where a curved line is difficult to draw, it is suggested to create a template by first drawing the line on a piece of construction paper or cardboard and attaching this to the arch. Depending on how sharp the curve is, mount the 1″ brackets on the ceiling approximately 10-12 inches apart along the line with the lockable clips facing the same direction. Tightly secure the ceiling mount brackets with screws. Add additional ceiling mount brackets as needed where a sharp turn occurs. For a conventional drywall hollow ceiling, it is suggested to use screws with ribbed plastic anchors (included in the kit).

For the bendable rod to run straight, make certain all ceiling mount bracket are 9 inches apart and are installed in line without any offset. Place additional ceiling mount brackets 2-3 inches near both ends.




Step 4

hacksawMeasure the overall length of the line as described in step 3, use this measure minus 1″ and cut the bendable rod as needed with a hacksaw. This will allow for the addition of the end caps. Starting from one end, lock the cut-to-length bendable rod into the bracket after another by pushing the clip on the ceiling mount brackets tightly against the bendable rod, use pliers if necessary. Ensure the flat surface of the bendable rod goes into the bracket.



*Note: Do not try to force bend the bendable rod. Curvature of the rod will be automatically accomplished by fastening the rod to the ceiling mount bracket.


Step 5

_Wall Brackets 1_ Bendable Rod Kit labledFasten the end cap on one end of the bendable rod, insert the bendable rod’s rollers onto the track and then fasten the other end cap in place to lock in the rollers.

*Note: If you would like to use the magnetic catches to help with closure of two draperies or sheers- then also slide them onto the rod.magnetic catches





Step 6

Bendable rod arch mounted draperyHang the drapery, shower curtain, sheers or room divider onto the rollers. There are several ways to connect to the roller. You may use a drapery pin, drapery clamp, pleat hook, pear hook or an adjustable hook. The rollers will be tilted on their side.  The ball bearing rollers easily glide over the bendable rod but keep in mind that they will not glide as smoothly as a traditional vertical roller application.





Bendable rod hooks



*Note: All five optional accessories can be purchased through Abda and they do not come with the bendable rod kits.






Bendable rod arch mounted drapery upclose

Step all done