Bendable Rods

Bendable Rod as a Shower or Tub Rod

Bendable Rod as a Shower or Tub Rod

Bendable Rod as a Shower or Tub Rod

Bendable Rod as a Shower or Tub Rod

Bendable rod splicedOur bendable rods are a perfect solution as a curved shower rod since they are water resistant. Our bendable rods are highly bendable, multipurpose curtain track system that can be quickly customized to fit any tub shape, wall shape or ceiling curvature. The bendable rod and its components are made of resin, which is very durable. The metal plate embedded within the rod is made of steel. Live expectancy is 20 years!

While our bendable rods have metal plates embedded, they are extremely flexible and can bend 90 degrees or more without any splice so that the sliders can move freely without interruption. The diameter of a circular standard track can be as small as 12″.  There are several ways to use bendable rods as shower curtain rods.





Bendable Rod for Shower Curtains labeled


Corner Showers:

Use the bendable rod for corner showers. The rod in the picture on the left, attaches directly to the ceiling with our ceiling mount brackets and the vinyl shower curtain is hanging from the bendable rod with pear hooks.







CurtainShower labeled

Center Room Tubs (Claw Foot Tubs):

The look of a claw foot tub is visually stimulating, however finding a shower rod that will fit can be hard. Well look no farther because our bendable rods are the perfect solution. Simply mount your rod to the ceiling in whatever shape you prefer.  The picture on the left has a vinyl shower curtain. 




Bendable Rod RV Abda labeledRV or Boat Showers:

Our bendable rods are a simple and fast way to install a shower curtain rod in any RV or Boat.  With the flexible design, it will fit any cramped space! The picture on the left is an example of a bendable rod installed in an RV. Another design option is to have the rod overlap to help prevent water leakage.  The bendable rod can also be used quick dividers and changing areas. With our custom vinyl, nylon or fabric shower curtains, special sizing isn’t an issue!



Bendable rod and valance for shower


Shower Rods with a Valance:

Use our valance with our bendable rods for a decorative shower curtain. The rod and valance can be bent at any shape. We can make custom shower curtains to match any decor!








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